UMX Radian

The full size Radian is a very stable, forgiving and relaxing plane to fly. The UMX (Ultra Micro) version of the Radian is also a ton of fun, and a great 3 channel beginner plane that can be flown in small spaces.


With a few easy mods, it makes an even greater FPV platform for low and slow proximity FPV that is easily relaxing, yet still fun. With the low mass, I’ve not broken anything when bumping into terra firma… which is great for a beginner aircraft. It should be fun to try some air-to-air with this one.


Snapshot of FPVacres flying with the UMX Radian and SPMVA1100:


UMX Radian during an FPVacres January sunset:



Parts list:

  • UMX Radian BNF with AS3X Technology (EFLU2980)
  • Ultra Micro FPV Camera and Video Transmitter (SPMVA1100)
  • Main Wing Micro Citabria x2 (PKZ3120)
  • Thunder Power 240mAh 1-Cell/1S 3.7V 25C (TP240-1SS4PK)
    • I found the 4-pack of these on sale for $8.99!
    • UM battery adapter to solder or use inline (EFLA7002UM)



  • Add two Citabria wings (PKZ3120) to really slow the flight down
    • Special thanks to twoplanekid on RCG for the idea!
  • Consider larger batteries for longer flight times
    • Stock is 150mah, I like the TP 240mah
  • Turn off the AS3X stability, I find it increases flight time
    • I used the Spektrum adapter and software (SPMA3060)


What I fly this with is just the radio and goggles to keep it simple and quick to grab and fly:

  • Spektrum DX9 (SPMR9900)
  • Fatshark DominatorV2 – with built in DVR (FS1722)

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