I chose this platform to test some of the micro FPV gear… on something small, lightweight and quiet that was easy to take on various trips (like backpacking). Wanted something that looked and sounded more like a toy, but that I could still do decent FPV with. A few local folks also have the 180qx, and we are hoping to do some easy going FPV racing on smaller circuits in the “180 class”. It is a great platform to start on, since it is light weight minor-moderate crashes rarely break anything, and  you can easily transition to proximity FPV.


180qx Adventures – Deep Canyon Flight equipment list (all fit neatly in the backpack):1920-DSC01116-WP

  • Blade 180qx, regular frame
  • Fatshark PilotHD v2 (stripped the case)
  • AltitudeRC nano 25mw 5.8ghz Video Transmitter
  • Fatshark Dominator V2 Goggles
  • Spektrum DX9 RC Transmitter

Far below are some pics too, that help show some of the perspective of flying this tiny quad in an immense canyon (easily lost forever with a crash or getting too far away!). It is exhilarating when you first take off, fly out a bit, then turn around in a new place you’ve never flown only to see a massive complex landscape and wonder where in the heck “home base” is. Special thanks to my wife for her help with the flight.


FPV Flight video posted to YouTube:





Part of the hike:


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