To provide like-minded hobbyists an environment for safe, educational, and enjoyable activities while advancing the awareness and access of remote control FPV (First Person View) via water, land and air.


All activities are recreational with friends and family on private land in Maryland, over 10 miles from any major airport. There are no dues or fees, or commercial flying activities. Some help out by volunteering time, bringing or providing supplies for group activities. Check here to see a list of suggestions for upcoming activities, like FPV Racing this spring!

RC (Radio Control) FPV (First Person View) has many positive uses the general public can be involved in:

  • Search and rescue (especially when conditions are unsafe for manned flight)
  • Emergency and disaster response assistance
  • Monitoring crops, livestock and farm land
  • Surveying and mapping
  • Photography and videography
  • Tracking wild-life
  • Competitive activities
  • Promoting interest and understanding in aviation
  • Advancing innovation and technology in general

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