FPV-Capable Flying Wing – Nicknamed ‘Judith’



wing3 wing2



2 sheet foam board FPV flying wing.  Roughly 14 oz (as seen).  KMF3 wing.  Should have TONS of lifts.  It’s very rigid with the wing steps and hot glue.  Extreme packing tape for extra strength and flight control hinges.  Might add a carbon arrow shaft for a spar.  Going to use a 2200mah 3s.  Unsure of motor.  Looking for motor/prop suggestions.  Doesn’t need to be blistering fast, just powerful to get out of trouble.  This is a one-off NineJeez original.  I have templates if anyone is interested.  30 min build.  Canards will be added after motor and electronics.  9gram servos should be sufficient.  Cost is about $6 so far.