The first rule of FLIGHT CLUB is….

  • If you want to be added to the list, get with someone already on the list
  • To be on the list, you have to be known and trusted by several already on the list
  • Once on the list, it will only accept email from the account that is on the email list
    • This is to avoid SPAM from outside email addresses
    • Some folks might have multiple emails and forward, so check which one you send from
  • Messages sent to the group list must be under 5 MB (just a server limit)
  • The usual request to avoid partisan politics that sometimes surround this hobby
  • Be respectful of all members, but playful jest and smack talk is fine if welcome by the recipient
  • There is a Facebook group if you dare “Facebook”, get with someone already on the list


Topic ideas:

  • Ask for help or ideas for a project or build
  • Discuss emerging news related to RC, FPV and”drones”
  • Post about new technologies and products
  • Share your project or build photos
  • Coordinate a related activity or get together (FPV race, fly in, etc.)
  • List items for sale, great deals, or something you are looking to buy
  • Other things RC enthusiasts may find useful

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